An innovative approach to turning exercising into an enjoyable daily routine, Stretch is a three weeks long Hyper Island student collaboration between me and Ryo Takahashi and our first full project as a team.


Many people work in the office whole day and tend not to care about exercising. They don’t work out and don’t bother to warm up throughout the day. How can we make these people consider their health and start to exercise on a daily basis?


To solve the problem, we teamed up with Ryo Takahashi, a digital creative from Hyper Island.

We researched the problem, ideated and selected one final idea. From that point we proceeded by designing wireframes and testing our concept with people. We finished by wrapping the idea in a great story and by creating a concept movie. We now were sure that our solution could be technically implemented and physically enjoyed by people.


People keep using their phones while at the office desks. They chat with friends and check Facebook while taking short breaks. Why don’t we use these existing behaviour and technology to help people exercise a bit more?


Stretch is an easy and fun way to exercise. It only requires a computer screen in front of a user and a phone, which becomes a controller, to make small physical exercises an enjoyable daily routine.


Within only three weeks we have completed the project not only to visualise and explain the innovative concept, but also to test how we work as a creative duo.

We enjoyed the process, having fun and focusing a lot on how we felt as a team — something that is a part of a famous Hyper Island Way. By the end of the project we were confident that we could work together with Ryo and create some really nice things as a small army of two.