Muse is a way to create music for those of us who never touched a musical instrument before. It's like Instagram for music.


Find a way for listeners and amateur musicians to easily create their own music.


We get inspired by the environment a lot, and Instagram is a good example of that. However, ambient sounds also are a big part of natural inspirations. Is it possible to turn listener’s inspiration with ambient sounds into music with the help of more experienced musicians?


Muse is a solution that brings listeners’ inspiration into real music. It comes as an app that allows users to create their own tracks by mixing ambient sounds with precomposed baselines, created by more experienced musicians. In the end listeners can have an amazing experience creating their own music and sharing their inspiration among friends via Facebook and Soundcloud.


Muse concept was received pretty well. We were awarded Best in Year at a prestigious D&AD competition, as well as few complementary awards in other competitions. We also received multiple request to build Muse for real.